Values We Share

Our principles are ingrained in our identity as a firm. At Brookfield, we actively nurture a culture that embraces and embodies a spirit of collaboration, entrepreneurship and discipline. We believe in treating everyone with respect, building trust and sharing in the rewards. And these beliefs and principles are essential elements of our success.

Our Guiding Principles

Peter’s Principles, our guiding tenets, remain integral to our story today, connecting our past with the present and providing a pathway to the future. We call them Peter’s Principles because our founder Peter Bronfman wrote them—and while he did so several decades ago, they remain pillars of our culture and continue to define Brookfield today.

  • 1Hire with care, lead by example, and ensure colleagues’ interests are aligned.
  • 2Treat individuals the way we would like to be treated.
  • 3Earn mutual trust and nurture it carefully so it can be sustained.
  • 4Apply sound business judgment to achieve success and minimize costly mistakes.
  • 5Share knowledge with colleagues and allocate credit to maximize its impact.
  • 6Share rewards relative to contributions.
  • 7Maintain ownership control to permit long-term planning.
  • 8Guard reputation, as it can be quickly lost.
  • 9Conduct orderly ownership and management succession.